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    Чудо (Miracle) - a two-minute 1973 Soviet retro futuristic film.

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    Alan Daniels


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    Peter Schuyff (Dutch, b.1958), Overpainted Painting, 2008. Oil on found painting, 40.01 x 80.52 cm.

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    Marianne von Werefkin - Fantastic Night (1917).


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    Paul Lehr

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    Mark Salwowski


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  10. txchnologist:

    These gifs depict the moment a mineral forms. Researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory trained a powerful microscope on the birth of calcium carbonate crystals, a process called nucleation.

    To see the unpredictable moment when the seed of a crystal starts rapidly growing, they mixed high concentrations of sodium bicarbonate and calcium chloride in water. They then focused a transmission electron microscope that produces images in real time on the solution.

    "This is the first time we have directly visualized the formation process," said materials scientist James De Yoreo. "We observed many pathways happening simultaneously. And they happened randomly. We were never able to predict what was going to come up next."

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